In this season of chaos, hairdressing has been labeled a non essential business. While thousands of our doors have been temporarily closed, it doesn’t mean we to caring about our clients – especially those who are in the front lines, working tirelessly to save lives.

Imagine subjecting your hair to extreme hot showers daily. After wearing protective gear, hair nets and hair caps for hours on end, something as simple as detangled hair or retaining hair mosture can become a relief.

That’s where we come in. Hairapy Box has created a hydrating box thinking of our healthcare professionals.

This week we shipped 10 boxes to several cities around Texas with products from brands like Number 4 Hair Care. We want to reach more people by teaming up with more brands that care and support our mission.

As a one person operation, the cost of the box is coming out of pocket, but with your help and donation of products we can reduce cost on our end and reach our goal: 100 Hairapy Boxes sent to healthcare professionals throughout Texas by the end of May.

This is a warm thank you – a much needed self-care moment on behalf of all of us.

Who and How?

Refer A Frontline Worker Program

Friends and family can refer and send a healthcare professional a Hairapy Box for only $10. This is a NONPROFIT program. $10 covers; $3 in packaging and up to $7 in shipping and handing. Reach out via Instagram for more information on this program.

The Box

Our health-care box includes 4 – 5 travel size products for frontline employees focusing on nourishing their hair, scalp, and skin to give them much needed relief and a self-care moment in these stressful times.


Hairapy Box was born in Little Thrills The Salon. We are based in Austin and the Rio Grande Valley in Texas.

We’ve got big hearts and believe something truly special can come out of these trying times.

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Contact Info:

Cynthia Valdez


(512) 767-9637

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